General information:

Setup and Take down

  1.  Site will be available for Vendors  Thursday August 15 2018.  Time TBA
  2. All sites must be cleared by 5pm Sunday August 18th.
  3. Vendors are responsible for providing their own tent chairs, table, power and equipment required to safely operate their business. Tents are no larger than 10’x10′ unless prior approval has be obtained.
  4. Electrical availability Please use the form
  5. Stakes CANNOT be used.  Guy ropes must be held in place with weights such as sand bags
  6. Vendors must be present for the full hours of the event


  1.  Hours of operation:
    1. Thursday August 15
    2. Friday August 16
    3. Saturday August 17
    4. Sunday August 18 (Teardown)
  2. Overnight security is provided
  3. Food Vendors must have a valid Permit
  4. No pets or animals on the site

Rules and Regulation

  1.  Event Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application for any reason and does not guarantee the availability of space
  2. Event committee reserves the right to amend these rules without notice
  3. Event committe is under no obligation to refund any fees for any reason

Please complete the Rally Vendor Contract  for review